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Perform a Shadow Recovery

Shadow Recovery

                Shadow Backup is a backup process that by default runs twice a day on network shares.  At 7:00 AM and 12:00PM it saves a version of everything on the network share so that copies can be recovered.  If you accidentally overwrite, delete or change a document you can easily recover the file or entire folders. 

To Recover a document

1.       Browse to the containing folder of the file you want to recover.  In this example, we accidentally deleted a file called “Important Document.txt” in the folder “\\server1\Tapia\My Data\My Important Document”.  

2.       We browse to the containing folder, “\\server1\Tapia\My Data” and right click on the folder “My Important Document”  and select properties.

3.       In the Box that appears, we click on the “Previous Versions” Tab.  A list of all the previous versions that are available will appear.  Select the time that you want to recover the document from and double click on it


4.       A folder will appear labeled with the directory name and the date and time the snapshot was taken.  We can right click the document and select “copy” and then paste it where we want.  We could also drag and drop it to the desktop.

Notes to remember about shadow copy

-older versions of Shadow copies are routinely deleted so you can’t rely on it to recover files for an extended period of time.

-Shadow copies are only run on network shares from the server, you can’t use it to recover files on your desktop

-Shadow copies don’t help in the event of a disk failure.